Making sense of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

I am a Fully Licensed Psychologist in Michigan. Trained as a generalist, I have extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and trauma. My clinical interests include identity development, empowerment of individuals with marginalized identity, and the impact of systemic oppression on individual’s mental health.

I work with clients from diverse backgrounds regarding age, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. I have also worked in a variety of settings, including a domestic violence shelter, children’s hospital, community mental health clinic, and university counseling centers. 

Aside from clinical work, I devote my energy in promoting social justice through personal work, community organizing, consulting, training, and public speaking. I work with individuals and organizations interested in creating a genuinely inclusive living, learning, and working environment. I help interested individuals make sustainable changes by providing them with information and skills so they can effectively move from intention to action.

I live on a 2 acre small farm outside of Ann Arbor with my partner, 9 chickens, and rescued cat, dog, and bunnies. I enjoy mushroom hunting, hiking, kayaking, and working in my organic garden. My pursuit of social justice have led me to commit to adopting a life style and diet that will minimize the negative impact on the planet and all forms of life.

Professional background and affiliation

Fully Licensed Psychologist in the state of Michigan, #6301014305

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University of Oklahoma

M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Boston College

Member of American Psychological Association

Member of Arab American, Middle Eastern, and North African Psychological Association   

Member of Asian American Psychological Association

Member of Association of Black Psychologists

Member of Latino/a Psychological Association

Member of Michigan Psychological Association

Settings Dr. Lo has worked in:

2009 to present   Private Practice

2004-2009           Counseling& Psychological Services, Colgate University

2003-2004           Counseling& Psychological Services, University of Michigan

2002-2003           Children’s Hospital at University of Oklahoma Medical Center

2000-2002           Counseling Psychology Clinic, University of Oklahoma

1999-2000            Casa Myrna Vazquez, Boston, Massachusetts

 Languages Spoken:           

  English, Mandarin Chinese, & Taiwanese