Making sense of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

There are many benefits in creating an inclusive environment whether it’s in an educational, professional, or business setting. Some of the benefits include improved performance, increased productivity, increased morale, and increased retention rate. It has been my experience that many people have the best intention but lack the information and skills to achieve their goals. To help people move from intention to action, I have designed a number of workshops and training sessions that will provide the information and tools needed to create a genuinely inclusive environment.

I invite those who are interested in achieving these goals to schedule a consultation meeting with me. During the meeting, we will discuss the needs and goals of your organization and come up with a plan. Depending on the plan, I may serve as a consultant who will work behind the scenes, or as a trainer who actively engages with members of your organization to provide them with tools and information.

Workshops on Mental Health

If your group/organizations could benefit from learning about the following topics, I can provide the following training opportunities:

  • Understanding depression and anxiety
  • How to help a loved one with an eating disorder?
  • How to encourage someone to get help?
  • Coming Out: Mental Health Profession’s Perspective
  • Stress management
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Cross-cultural Parenting: things to consider

Workshops on Social Justice and Multiculturalism

I provide training modules (4-12) to any group who is interested in the following:

  • becoming effective parents/teachers/leaders/supervisors/managers
  • tapping into the potentials of people we live/work with
  • creating an inclusive living/learning/ working environment
  • fostering genuine intergroup interaction

Objectives of the training modules could include:

  • increased understanding of self and others
  • increased awareness of the impact of one’s behaviors on others
  • improved listening and speaking skills when talking about racism/sexism/heterosexism
  • increased understanding of the cost of racism/sexism/heterosexism
  • increased understanding of the benefits of unlearning racism/sexism/heterosexism
  • increased ability to affirm our own identity(ies) and those of others

Workshops and presentations I provide include:

  • When Caring People Hurt: Managing Racial Micro-aggressions
  • Dialogue as a Tool for Advancing Social Justice
  • Creating an Inclusive Classroom Environment: Barriers and Strategies
  • Building Relationships Through Dialogue: An Invitation to Connect
  • Understanding People of Color Racial Identity Development
  • Understanding White Racial Identity Development
  • A Closer and Personal Look at the White Narrative
  • Black and Asian Alliance: Building Bridges, Restoring Relationships
  • Practicing Leadership for Liberation